The Best Floor Material for Homes – Have You Been on the Floor?


The beauty of a house is largely determined by the type of floor it has. In contrast to walls that can be repainted and re-installed, floors are a more long-term and most often permanent feature. Three main factors determine what type of floor is most suitable for your home – first, your home location, second, usage patterns and third, your budget. If you live in a humid area, wooden floors may not be the best plan. For rough and difficult uses, hard substances such as granite are the best choice. Budget, of course, is important for obvious reasons. Here are some of the best and most widely used flooring materials in home design.

Vitrified Tiles

These are glazed tiles made by heating a certain type of clay at a specific temperature. The good thing about these tiles is that they are joint free, which means that there are no gaps between adjacent tiles. They are larger in size and are a lot sturdier than ordinary tiles. The disadvantages of this material are high susceptibility to scratches and slipperiness. So, it is not a good option if people with joint problems live in the house. However, according to contrary belief, they do not hold stains and can be cleaned by acid wash.

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic is basically a mixture of marble, white cement and marble powder. These tiles are available in great colors and designs and are very visually appealing. However, powder and fading remain a common complaint with mosaics. In addition, the use of low-quality marble powder can reduce durability. The best way to keep your mosaic floor durable is to polish it regularly.

Ceramic floor

Ceramic tiles are more flexible because they have different finishes such as satin, antique, mat and shiny. The fee depends on the type you choose. These tiles are very stylish and super easy to care for. The great grip they provide makes it suitable for both interior and exterior. The only problem with ceramic tiles, if glazed, is the fact that the glaze fades over time.

Wooden floor

Wood flooring is probably the most elegant type of flooring you can get on the market. It is always good to use 100 percent solid wood for durability. There are more than fifteen types of wood to choose from. The problem that may arise with wood floors is the depletion of quality due to oxygenation and dampers, and of course, festive costs. If you are looking for an inexpensive and inexpensive treatment alternative, you can always choose wood laminate on an existing floor.

Marble / Granite Flooring

The best thing about marble and granite is that they are 100 percent natural and as a result, are more durable. Both are available in tiles and sheets that can be easily placed. They can be easily maintained with ordinary polishing. The disadvantage of marble is that it tends to retain moisture. One must also be very careful when buying marble and checking for cracks and damage to the plates. With granite, you have a very large range of natural colors. Granite requires almost no maintenance.

There are many interior design websites that you can refer to, to learn more about the latest floor trends.