New Features We’ve Added to Our Home

Ever since we moved into our neighborhood two years ago, my wife and I have been extremely excited about improving upon our home and garden. We come from families where we didn’t have yards and gardens to play with while growing up. When we moved from our family homes, we lived in college dorms for the first few years that we knew each other. After we got married, we decided to get a house with a yard because we wanted to have a dog, and we know that dogs like to have a yard to play. Also, we wanted a yard for gardening purposes. Our dog has dug up some of our flowerbeds since we’ve moved into our new home, but we usually get along when it comes to enjoying the outdoors together.

New Features We've Added to Our Home

The dog usually likes to stay on the deck that extends from our kitchen down into the backyard. The entire yard is fenced in, so we don’t mind leaving the kitchen door open. There is a small flap on the bottom of the screen door that allows the dog the freedom to come and go as he pleases, so we will often look out the window to see our dog enjoying a cool breeze in the backyard. He uses the backyard more than either of us use it.

However, we’ve had to set limits to where the dog is allowed to go in the backyard. He started digging up plants in the flowerbed, so I had to install chicken wire around the flowerbed to keep our dog from going into the effort of digging up the beautiful flowers when the bloom. The chicken wire gives the backyard a charming vibe that we are proud of finding, so we have considered putting that same type of fencing in the front yard as well. Our vegetable garden is in the front yard, and we would like to keep all the critters out of that garden as well.

One of the newest features we’ve added to our home and garden is a new bathroom that is part of the old guest house. The guest house was in poor condition when we purchased our home, and we’ve finally got around to rebuilding the structures that make it less desirable. You can search online for any bathroom showroom Glastonbury, CT in your area. Any designs would really spruce up the existing features of the guest house. We’d love to have the guest house looking its best by the time our relatives come to stay from out of town.

Our dog is happy with the improvements we’ve made, so we must be on the right track. Sometimes my wife and I joke around that the dog is like the foreman on our construction team. We joke around about the dog looking over what we are doing to make our home and garden look its best. If our dog approves of the design, it must be a hit because he has some picky taste for a furry creature.