Kids Will Break Pretty Much Anything

Kids say all kinds of things and do all kinds of things, but one thing I would never expect them to do is to break shutters. I guess it’s been so long since I was a kid that I forgot just how destructive kids can be. When I was younger, I was playing baseball with some of my friends and I sent the ball flying through a window when I made a home run. With my kids, I had to call an irvine shutters company because they were playing football and broke the shutters.

I’ve often warned the kids about playing with balls too close to the house, but they don’t always listen. I had to punish them when I found out what they did. I took their balls away, along with some of their toys and video games, and told them that they wouldn’t be using any of those things for two months. I also told them that they would have to do extra chores around the house. Since they’re too young to have jobs to pay for the shutters, this was all I could think of to teach them a lesson that they wouldn’t forget in the future.

Once I calmed down from what the kids had done, I contacted the shutters company and told them about my problem. They had gotten a lot of calls over the years from parents who had kids who broke shutters. I guess it’s a common occurrence around the world for kids to break shutters. They told me that it would be easy for them to come over and measure the windows for a new pair of shutters, and they could even have them installed the same day, which made me happy. They did just that, and in the same day, I had the shutters on my window again.