Decorating Your Ventless Fireplace


Ventless fireplaces, regardless if they are gel or electric, really can lighten up a room.A? Take that any way you want.A? They bring new life to an otherwise old decor that’s been done for years.

But, sometimes people have trouble figuring out how to decorate them.A? You can, of course, simply put the fireplace in the room and rely on it solely to freshen up the place.A? But, we all have a need to go a step further than that and here are a few ideas.

The first thing I would do is put a flat screen television on the top of it.A? It’s a trend now.A? But more than that, it’s a great place to put the flat screen television.A? It attracts attention to that area of the room and it creates a wonderful ambiance that goes beyond just having a fireplace in the room.

But, I would only put a flat screen television on the top of a ventless fireplace if you are going to put any television on top.A? You want it to have its own stand and be able to have a barrier of air between the television and the fireplace.A? Also, you’ll want to place the fireplace in the corner.A? Flat against the wall is a great look too, but in the corner creates a stylistic approach that stands out more than any other arrangement.

So if you don’t have a flat screen television and the purchase of one is not in your future, then there are other options for the top of the fireplace.A? If you place the ventless fireplace flat against the wall, a mirror would look great attached to the wall above.A? Also, unique paintings look great there as well.

Certain types of paintings will complete a wonderful look.A? Landscapes of any sort like mountains, fields or beaches create a peaceful mood.A? Abstracts can bring out character if they are the right kind of abstracts.

But, you can’t just decorate the top of the fireplace and forget about it.A? The sides should get some love too.A? One idea that really works great is the addition of plants to either side.A? Tall plants actually add life to the entire side of the fireplace, but short plants even up the balance.A? It’s up to you what you want to do as far as plants are concerned.

Another idea is to put an actual fireplace tool set on the side.A? I know you don’t need it.A? But, they look great sitting beside the fireplace.A? If you are purchasing crackling gel fuel so that the ventless fireplace sounds like a traditional wood burning fireplace, complete the picture with a tool kit.A? In fact, you can go even further with a wood holder and a handful of small logs.

The ventless fireplace is the economical alternative to the traditional wood burning fireplace and there are plenty of ways to dress it up in any room around your home.A? Using your imagination and creativity, you’ll be able to find your own style that brings the fireplace out of the woodwork and into your dcor.A? That’s the fun of interior design. So, have fun with it.