Popular Home Styles in the United States

Popular Home Styles in the United States

The common types of homes in the United States:

Single Family Homes: Detached Homes-Free Standing

1. A -Frame-resembling a capital A in structure. Steep roof lines are what give the A-frame is unique character. You will usually find large windows in the front and back. The rafters are normally exposed. Due to the structure the living space is generally small. However the light and the open feel make them seem quite larger. A-frame homes were being built in the 1950’s and became very popular in the 1970’s.

2. Bungalows-AKA Arts and Crafts -generally a smaller home that will be a one story or it could be 2 storeys with a sloping roof, usually with dormer window. The home is generally 1 ½ storey’s. Most will also have a front porch.

3. Cape Cod- Generally a story and a half high, with a steep, perfectly pitched roof with end gables. You will find a large central chimney. Most capes have the upstairs finished for additional bedrooms. Normally especially with the older ones there won’t be an attic.

4. Colonial homes-there are different types and styles(Georgian, Dutch Spanish, depending on where you live styles will differ)-most common characteristic are 2 storey’s, generally when you walk through the front door you would enter into a foyer. The stairs for upstairs’ are usually visible from the foyer. Bedrooms in a colonial are usually upstairs. Common living area is on the first floor.

5. Farmhouse-a home that is the main residence on a farm. They can be one storey or two. We generally think of a two storey home when we think of farmhouse. You will normally find in these homes, plenty of storage, and space. They were the main hub for the owners as well as the workers. The homes were well insulated for comfort in the winter as well as the summer. You will find that most farm houses are located in a country setting along with other similar homes.

6. Log home-a home that has been built from timbers. The older homes as well as some newer ones will have the timber exposed on the inside as well. Most log cabins that you see can either be 1 or 1 ½ storey’s high.

7. Manufactured Housing-These homes are also modular’s, they are built in a factory and delivered to the building site in pieces and put together.

8. Mobile Homes-a manufactured home that has either wheels underneath or a hitch. Most mobile homes are not put on a foundation.

9. Octagon Style-8 sides to the home; they will usually have a porch that wraps around. They have an open feel and are generally large in space.

10. Salt Box-main characteristic of the home is the roof line, the roof line is steep in the front allowing for a 2 storey, however it slopes in the back, which only allows for a 1 storey. I have seen homes that are plain colonial described as a salt box. There is a difference.

11. Split level home-they will generally have 3 different levels with only 3-5 stairs separating the levels. You will walk into the main floor where the living space is. The upper level would contain the bedrooms. The lower level will usually be a family room and the garage.

12. Raised Ranch-The home of decision-when you walk into the foyer you will have to decide if you want to go up or down. The upstairs which is generally 4-5 steps leads to your main home, kitchen, bedrooms, living room all on the same level. The down stairs is generally a family room (not always) and the garage. The foundation is half out of the ground which is why it’s a raised ranch.

13. Ranch home-generally a smaller home with all living and sleeping space on the same level. Most ranches will have a basement and attic.

14. Victorian Era-Victorian homes in the eastern part of the US are generally 3 storey’s. Where the Western Victorians are generally 1-2 storey’s.