Popular Architectural Styles For Austin Homes

Popular Architectural Styles For Austin Homes

Whether you’ve lived in Austin, Texas, for years or are looking to relocate, one thing is for sure: Each neighborhood has its own personality and charm. However, regardless of which neighborhood you’re in, there’s a common trend among architectural home styles throughout the city.

Which home style is right for you? Take a look at the most popular home styles in Austin and the characteristics – both interior and exterior – that make each of them unique.

Tuscan Style

Tuscan-style homes, as their name implies, are reminiscent of those found in Tuscany, Italy. This elegant and sophisticated style is marked with characteristics such as a stucco exterior, arched windows, and tiled roofs. Other popular features are decorative iron railings and a center courtyard. This type of home is popular in the Lake Travis and Hill Country areas of Austin.

Spanish Style

This style of home is modeled after those found in Spain, and blends Mediterranean style with the rich history of the country. It has features like a stucco exterior and low-pitched barrel tile roof, as well as exposed wooden beams, accent towers, and decorative wood and iron.


Becoming increasingly popular over the last years, contemporary homes focus on an open-air feel. From the outside, they’re very clean and simple with minimal decoration. The inside is created primarily from stainless steel, glass and wood. Common features in a contemporary home include arched windows, skylights and exposed beams. As you stroll through the city’s neighborhoods, you’ll find these contemporary homes are located amongst older homes, as many have been renovated to reflect a contemporary style. This is perhaps most evident in the Barton Springs/Bouldin Creek neighborhoods.


Craftsman style homes originated in the late 1800s and were created with an emphasis on handmade features. Their functional design pairs with elegant touches like exposed rafters, built-in cabinets, and large outdoor porches. This type of home is known for an efficient use of space and the use of natural materials. Similar to the contemporary home style, older homes are being renovated to reflect this style and are scattered throughout many of the city’s neighborhoods.

Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean-style homes are reminiscent of those found near the Mediterranean Sea in countries like Spain and Italy. The home usually boasts an open design with many small balconies, a stucco exterior, and tiled roof. Similar to Tuscan style, it’s common to find them with arched windows and an outdoor courtyard. Austin’s Bee Cave area boasts several gorgeous Mediterranean Style homes.

With so many styles to choose from, it’s important to also consider the surrounding neighborhood and all it has to offer, as well as each home’s unique characteristics and what will best fit you and your family.